Your security. Your privacy.

Our priority

Security & privacy are at the core of what we do. Learn how we protect your data and make your entire Web3 journey safer.

Security is at our core

Strong encryption

All our products have strong encryption as verified by multiple leading independent auditors. Our approach to security is proactive, multi-faceted, and includes everything from industry-leading encryption in all our products.

Independent security audits

We regularly undergo audits by reputable third-party security auditing firms to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities – keeping your assets and data safe.

Security monitoring

We proactively identify risks with ongoing security monitoring for our community’s protection. In-app notifications keep you up to date.

Bug bounty

Bug bounties allow us to continually improve our products and stay ahead of threats in the crypto ecosystem.

Our values

User Obsessed

We’re obsessed with users’ problems and constantly seek better solutions.

Ownership and accountability

We pursue outcomes with determination, passion, and grit.

Open & Collaborative

Become the most trusted hub for Web3 experiences.


Do no evil, act in good conscience, and inspire trust by holding high standards in everything that we do.


We bias towards action, never expect perfection, done is better than perfect.

True ownership of your crypto assets

Added security with encryption

Use our Encrypted Cloud Backup for increased wallet security.

Zero personal tracking

We don’t track any personal information, including your IP address or balances.

Proactive alerts for risky transactions

Stay safe with alerts for risky address and dApp connections.

Our best users are all over the world with wide coverage

Our platform reaches people all over the world, hereby we are trusted as the best platform for crypto trading

One app for all your cryptocurrency needs

We partner with top blockchain services around the world so users can maximize their assets. In-app buy/sell, mobile top-ups, gift cards, and crypto to crypto exchange, all inside Edge. 

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